Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Two Classifications of ISO Health Insurance

Two Classifications of ISO Health Insurance - Have you ever heard about ISO health insurance? ISO health insurance or International Student Insurance is an insurance that is made for international students, especially the ones who live in the United States of America. This kind of insurance is really necessary because it protects the students from having to pay a lot of money when they are in this country. International students may have a lot of pocket money from their parents when they come to United States of America. They have to be really economical about this money. They cannot just spend it to anything they want because sometimes the money that they get is not enough for them to live luxuriously. They also have to think ahead about everything, especially the one that is related to their health condition. Having health insurance, especially ISO health insurance, will be really useful for international students.

Two Classifications of ISO Health Insurance
There are actually many classifications in ISO health insurance. However, there are two of them that are most popular. The first one is called Compass Silver. There are many benefits that you can get from this very ISO health insurance. The benefits that are meant here include this insurance has for about $400,000 maximum benefits of lifetime medical, it covers any injuries and sicknesses that you may have during your stay in United States of America, and it can help a lot for F1 students. However, not all international students are eligible for this kind of insurance. The ones who are eligible are the valid visa holder of F1 or J1, graduate students, undergraduate students, researchers who are invited by some organizations and students that major in education.
The second classification of ISO health insurance is Compass Gold. This very health insurance also has many benefits, which are the coverage for any sicknesses and injuries you may get during your stay, this health insurance has $600,000 for maximum benefits of lifetime medical, and it also has reduced deductible that can be got in the student health center. As in Compass Silver, there are only some classifications that can apply for Compass Gold. These classifications involve F1 or J1 students that are valid visa holder, the graduate students, the undergraduate students, the researchers or scholars and students that join in educational activities.
 Knowing all of these insurance programs must make you want to apply for one of these programs. It is due to the fact that you now understand better that you need this insurance more than ever. You cannot miss this chance and you need to apply for it as soon as possible.


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