Saturday, May 10, 2014

What Phenylalanine is and Phenylalanine Health Risks

Phenylalanine Health Risks - Do you know what phenylalanine is? Phenylalanine is something that is needed for your body. It is one form of amino acid is functioned as protein building block. You need to pay attention to the level of phenylalanine in your body. It is due to the fact that if you do not have enough phenylalanine, you will be able to endanger your body and yourself. However, if the level of phenylalanine in your body is too high, your life will be in danger too. That is why; you need to make sure that your body has just enough phenylalanine. There are some sources of phenylalanine that you need to know. By knowing this, you can control your consumption of these sources so that the level of phenylalanine can be controlled. The sources of phenylalanine are milk, yoghurt, bananas, cottage cheese, beef, poultry, nuts, the artificial sweetener called aspartame, and some other. By uncontrollably consuming these sources of phenylalanine, you will get phenylalanine health risks. So, you need to be really careful.

Phenylalanine Health Risks

    There are many phenylalanine health risks that you need to know. By knowing these risks, you may be a little more encouraged to control your phenylalanine consumptions. The phenylalanine health risks that are meant here include
  • allergic reactions that is usually undergone by people who are allergic to phenylalanine. The reactions that may appear are tingling feeling in mouth, swelling in feet or hands, itchy feeling, and trouble breathing
  • hyperactivity, anxiety and jitteriness in children who have high level of phenylalanine in their bodies
  • worse effects of phenylketonuria Phenylketonuria is the term that is used for people who do not have the ability to appropriately break down the phenylalanine. The symptoms for phenylketonuria are seizures, issues in terms of pigmentation in hair and skin, larger head size, hyperactivity, postponed learning, tremors, jerking movements and so forth
  1. Higher risk in pregnant mothers
  2. Higher blood pressure
  3. The damages in nerve systems
  4. The occurrence of digestive problems
  5. Bad headache

After knowing the phenylalanine health risks, you must want to be more and more careful in consuming foods that have high level of phenylalanine. Doing this may help you a little bit to avoid the health risks that are caused by phenylalanine. Another thing that you can do is to consult to your doctor about this so that you have a lot more information about phenylalanine health risks and how to avoid them.


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