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Mental Health Definition and Mental Illness

Many people say that mental health definition has same definition with mental illness. However, the fact is these two domains have different field of study. Although mental health and mental illness is different, but both of them still related each other.
Based on several sources, mental health is define as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her potential or ability, they can cope with the normal stresses of life, they can work productively and fruitfully, and able to make contribution to the community.

Mental Health Definition and Mental Illness

To give more understanding, here are the mental health indicators:
Emotional well-being
This indicator deals with the people’s personal feeling. It means this indicator related to personal positive feeling such as achieve happiness in life
Psychological well-being
o This indicator related to personal psychological. The example of personal psychological is individual motivation. They are aware of their purpose in life, aware of personal growth, feeling of hopefulness; self-acceptance, optimism, spiritual life, and positive relationship are the coverage of personal or individual motivation.
Social well-being
o It indicates the relationship with other people and environment. It includes their empathy for others and their role in the society such as their beliefs toward people’s ability, personal appraisal and usefulness in the society and their role in the social community.
To support the mental health, it is suggested to consider the social determinants of mental health. Several determinants of mental health are the existence of housing, positive environment, good access to health care, quality of education, and have good jobs and enough wages.
After cope with the definition, we have to know several problems of mental health.
Mental health problems
Mental health also have some problem and usually called as mental health problems. Mental health problems is classified to make professional give the appropriate treatment for the other health problems, mental health problems also indicated by some symtomps. Mostly mental health problems divided into some groups called as ‘neurotic’ or ‘psychotic’ symptoms. Neurotic symptoms related to the emotional experiences of people caused by negative feeling such as depression and anxiety.
Mental health is different from mental illness like we shared above. The definition of Mental illness is the condition of people who experiencing distressing psychological symptoms to indicate that normal functioning is seriously impaired.
These are some mental illness symptoms:
depressed mood
obsession thinking
delusions and hallucinations


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