Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Health Insurance MN

Health insurance MN is an insurance for you who life in Minnesota. If you live in Minnesota and you haven’t got health insurance, please follow this guide to help you:

Health Insurance MN

1. You have to consider wether you are qualify or not to get the credit. This credit is aimed to help you to pay your health insurance under Affordable Care Act. After that, you have to calculate how many need coverage (how many family members) and your total annual income
2. Beside considering you are qualified or not, you have to compare the private health plans using U.S News and World Report’s the health insurance ratings for Minnesota
There are two main regulations if you want to join health insurance MN. First, if you are qualify to get the subsidy. If you are qualified, then it will helps you to pay your health insurance. In addition, it also can be used to reduce your annual tax credit and your minthly premium. Next, you have an authority to choose the health plan that has been approved by federal government and Minnesota’s government to take the advantage of a subsidy. It is usually called as Exchange Plans
Second consideration is, if you do not qualify for a subsidy. If you are in this situation, then you have the choice to choose the Health Exchange Plans or get others health insurance plans. Minnesota’s private marketplace provides you the choice of others health insurance plans. Thus you don’t have to confuse in choosing it. The difference of private health insurance plans and government-approved insurance is only the cost.
Nowadays, the government of Minnesota requires all residents to have health insurance. For those who don’t have, they will get the penalty. The penalty for per adult will cost $95 and $47.50 per child plus 1 percent of family’s income.
You don’t have to confuse where you can buy the health insurance. You can buy it at Mnsure. Before that, you have to register first. You can do online sign up and fill out the form for about 30 minutes. These are the data that you need to include for your online registration:
1. The number of social security for everyone in your house
2. Your employer’s name and address
3. Your most-recent pay stub or recent records of your wages
4. Information about other types of income you receive, such as unemployment benefits or a pension
However, some people prefer to buy health insurance from insurance company or broker. Due to the strict regulation, you will pay the same price for a plan, although you buy directly from insurance or from MNsure.


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