Sunday, July 6, 2014

Writing Short Health Articles ( Example )

Sitie Sumarti
Short Health Articles  - The article usually contains of 300 words or more. It amis to give clear explanation for the readers. The first part or the article is title, after that we usually find opening paragraph or the paragraph that lead us to understand the content of article in short. The articles usually explain about some tips, for examples health tips and cooking tips. That’s why, after the opening paragraph or introductory paragraph, it always followed by some steps. In these steps, the writer will explain in detail how the tips works. Thus, it will be easy for the reader to understand or even try the tips from the article. However, the article is not always contains 300 words or more. It can be 300 words or less. It is due to many writers make the article in short.
Short Health Articles Example

For the short articles, the writers tend to write the tips directly or to the point. It gives benefit for both the writer and the reader. For the writer, they don’t need to explore in very detail what they are going to discuss. Then, for the reader, the might love to read the short article because they can understand the content without read 2 or 3 more pages. The reader also might save the time due to read short article.

Thus, in writing short health articles, the important point is the writer should directly go to the main part of it. For example, the writer writes about the benefits of chocolate. After writing the introductory part, they will directly deliver 3 or 4 essential benefit of chocolate. If in fact chocolate has numerous benefits, so in this short health article the writer only write the most important benefits of chocolate.

Usually the health article covers many aspects. However, in short health article we will only found very brief explanation of the health tips. This article also completed with the expert statement or research finding related to health topic. However, it might be less informative due to short information or tips given. The tips can be in form of list of healthy food that good for our health or kinds of exercises which good to keep our health.
Reading the short health article can add our knowledge about how to life healthily. We can take the essential part of the article only and then apply it in our daily life. Overall, all types of article give advantages for us as the reader, because we get information by reading it.


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