Sunday, March 15, 2015

Things you should know About Illinois Health Care Reform

Things you should know About Illinois Health Care Reform. In 15-20 years ago, most people probably would not think of insurance as a protection needed by themselves or family. An insurance agent even tells of a father who, when offered to buy insurance products instead said, "What was the insurance? It sounded like expecting bad things. "The statement was uttered by the father because according to him earn a lot of a person's death is a bad thing, and pay a monthly premium for insurance is futile because if expecting something bad like an accident or death occurs in a person.

Illinois Health Care Reform

The Things you should know About Illinois Health Care Reform

Assumption as above may not be shared, linked and can be applied for everyone. But the fact is there are people who have a mindset like that. Fortunately, currently owned insurance awareness of Indonesian society is increasing. As quoted by the Life Insurance Association states that the sum insured life insurance increased and very large.

In addition, the expert foundation of insurance said that the managed fund investments life insurance industry in Indonesia will not be affected by the volatility of capital markets is the case today. Therefore, people who do not have life insurance should not be afraid to have life insurance. This increase is not only seen in the number of insured life insurance alone, but also on the amount of claims paid health insurance national psyche.

But if observed, the percentage of people who have life insurance is still quite low. Since 2012-2013, approximately 70% of people still do not have any insurance. It means arguably only about 3 out of 10 people have insurance. Try to compare with developed countries such as USA, Japan, and Singapore that everyone has at least one or more life insurance policy. The same thing also looks at data on health insurance. April 2013, Mark plus Insight released the results of research which showed that 59.3% of the 600 respondents in 7 major cities still do not have health insurance.

Illinois Health Care Reform could say this time insurance is community of the middle class and above. It is influenced by income and education, so that the lower middle class do not have insurance for nonpayment of premiums, or even do not understand the importance of having insurance. It is known as micro insurance protection against all levels of Indonesian society, including the lower to middle income groups, can be improved by the application of micro insurance have more affordable premiums.

A few Thing You should know about Illinois Health Care Reform is also influenced by the increasing number of companies that sell micro insurance, so that each company protects its employees with insurance. Therefore, in order that the people of Indonesia increasingly protected by insurance, the contribution of the Indonesian government is also necessary, as it has done in the Philippines and Thailand.

Therefore, the public insurance awareness has increased. But further improvement would still have to continue to do. If you belonged to the middle-income class people enough, no longer think of insurance as tertiary needs.