Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Health Coach Certifications

Sitie Sumarti
Health Coach certification - Based on HealthCoachCert  site, Health Coach Certifications is committed to providing you with authoritative knowledge on what it takes to become a Health Coach Professional, which is you can obtain training, and some accreditation standards are developing as this relatively new career field takes shapes.
 You will find some information about job descriptions, employers, and potential salaries  to find out if this career is right for you. Another definition of health coach is they are professionals who work closely with individuals in order to help them achieve their goals of an overall healthier lifestyle and better quality of life.
Nowadays, the health coach and the client are able to do online consultation, so they don’t need to meet face to face. The function of health coach is to deals with client’s health problems such as, weight issues, eating habit, diet, body image, fatigue, nutrition and etc.
Rapid increasing demand of Health and Wellness Coaching Professionals, make us put more emphasis on health care. Health and Wellness Coaching Professionals is a new career trends because people look for healthier lives.
The first step of health coaching is establishing relationship with the client. Then, go to a series of interviews and you can ask about their health goals, concerns, and expectations. It is claimed as an important step because it is the basic of next steps.
The health coach must be trusted and understand what the client goals.  Having a coach who understands his clients well and is honest with them and their goal setting allows for more trust between the two parties. When a coach understands the client, it will affect the client’s mindset. Not only that, in the health care industry, the coach can break the success of the service because they are proven to be trusted by their client.
Health coach also will guide the client and granted all weight loss plans that the client want to chive. The job of health coach is to keep fit physically, mentally and also emotional. Of course, it needs proper nutritional diet based on the individual’s intake.  Health coaches also provide the guidance, support, and accountability that many people need when seeking to achieve a healthy weight.
Due to the hard job of health coach, that’s why they need training to get accreditation. It is crucial for them because it will determine whether they have good quality of being health coach or not. Thus, the goals of Health coach certifications are:
To give you more program information on health coach certifications
To provide helpful career information
To update your potential policy changes as they occur


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